3 card Sibilla spread

Sibilla spread

The question was simple, so I decided to only use a 3 card Sibilla spread.

Contrary to the Playing Cards, the more you are using cards the more you get various pieces of the puzzle to get your answer. You still can use 3 cards but for important matters using a 5 or even 7 card line is the way to go. With Playing Cards, a simple 3 line pull is able to answer without issue to any kind of question.

But for this question, since it was quite a simple one, I decided to only use 3.

The querent needed to know if she would receive her passport in time so that she could travel abroad. The time frame was tight, the flight ticket already booked, and she was concerned she wouldn’t receive the holy document in time.

I focused on the question and asked “Will she receive the passport in time to travel oversees ?”.

Here is the result of the Sibilla spread :

Sibilla spread

The young woman card is in the center and represent the main point of focus. We see a young woman, apparently happy. The client was a mature woman but I still understood this card representing her since she is still young in her heart. Another way to understand this card is to get it as a positive situation going in the right direction. The fountain in the back is like healthy energy rising up. At this stage I felt reassured for the querent.

That being said, I needed to look at the surrounding cards.

The Priest is not always a Priest. It can relates to anything legal or official. A meaningful card in regard to the situation.

The Letter is obviously a written document.

The combination Priest/Letter represents the passport.

Because of the center card being positive and full of promise, we can take this Sibilla spread as showing a positive and happy outcome. The querent will receive her passport which will make her be happy and able to travel abroad.

I love how the Sibilla can be very straightforward. I also love to compare how divination tools talk to us. Using Playing Cards, I would have gotten a mix of diamonds and hearts showing success and joy. Here, the Sibilla shows a visual kind of language which, to be honest, is not unpleasant.

This is it readers, this article has been short because of the simplicity of the answer in regard to the question. Nothing much here to scratch my head, the cards are quite obvious in their answer. I will in the future post some more complicated Sibilla spread. Sometimes La Sibilla can be challenging but always speak the truth.

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