How your dreams can reveal black magic


Dreams and black magic.

Quite an interesting topic.

It is not easy to spot curses during your life. You can run into a streak of bad luck, but to make the connection with Black Magic is not always easy. You just try to do your best to dodge the bullet and that’s it.

This is the reason why so many people can experience missfortune for a very long time, sometimes all their life, without knowing they’ve been under Black Magic. One reason why I’ve been always advising people to consult a card reader or psychic if they start to witness recurring negative events hitting them.

That being said you have a way to know if you are under malefic energies : your dreams.

Dreams and black magic : how ?

It is a shame that our modern societies overlook that much dreams. “Stop dreaming”, “he is a dreamer” are some of the quotes to express someone having unrealistic expectations for instance.

Many others cultures have understood for a long time how important dreams are and that a dream is more than just that but a portal to some others planes of counsciousness and existence.

Dreams are an excellent tool to be aware of any kind of curse being thrown at you. They can act as a warning before the attack really starts, or afterwards to highlight that there is definitely something wrong energy wise around you.

Reason being that using Black Magic is manipulative fierce energies which then manifest in your life. If you’re sensitive enough, you will feel them, not only because of their consequences in your waking life but also during your sleep and they will show in your dreams.

I am going to share with you some of the ways your dreams can manifest the presence of Black Magic in your life. Each person is different but those are general guidelines :

  • If you start to have creepy characters showing up in your dreams on a regular basis, this is likely to indicate a curse thrown at you. Your subcounscious will be clever enough to spot those people as ennemies in your dreams by many ways. The colour first : those ennemies will often wear dark cloths or have a gloomy and dark appearance. For instance :



Just one example amongst many others.

Another thing – as shown in the picture above – is that it is not rare not to be able to see the face of the ennemy. Reason being that curse have vocation to remain hidden and secrets. Another example :


Those creepy apparitions can have human forms or not, but will always be frightening.

Those ennemies can do many things in your dreams : chasing you, killing you, breaking into your home, beating you up, etc.

  • Another element is being attacked by wild animals Snakes (the symbol is clear right ?), aligators, sharks, even some nasty birds.
  • Another sign is to constantly dream that you are sick. Could only be a skin issue or anything else like broken bones, accidents, injuries, or even dreaming on a regular basis that you are dying or at your own funerals.
  • Another possible sign is to often dream about poverty. Because curses aims at making you be miserable, ressourceless. You are often dreaming that you are losing your possessions, your house, you have no money, you are living on the street, you are losing everything etc.
  • In the case you’ve been working with some spirits, don’t be surprised if you start dreaming about your own spirits being drunk or sick. A clear sign that someone is attacking you and your spirits showing themselves in such a way can either indicate that someone is directly attacking your spirits, or that they’ve been fighting for you. Likewise if your own spirits start to be threatening in dreams you know that something is definitely wrong.

When this happens, it has to be taken very seriously. It is quite a big deal. We are speaking here about attacks coming from a very skilled Sorcerer who knows what he’s doing and who is directly targetting your spirits and therefore your own spirituality.


  • All dreams where an intruders is breaking into your house are quite serious business too. The symbol being that some energies are breaking into yours, or very litterally that they have been intruding your home.
  • Generally speaking if you only have nightmares without ending, with scenes coming straight for the movie Silent Hill and that you were not accustomed to them, then again it might be worth an investigation.

Of course those signs are just guidelines and have to be examined cautiously. Because you have a bad dream doesn’t necessarily mean that you are under a curse. But when those signs come over and over you are legit to wonder.

In any case if you are under Black Magic, besides your dreams, chances that you will start noticing things not feeling right in your life.

Thanks for reading this articles about how dreams and black magic can be related Magic. Hope it’s been useful ! On a side note, I have written another articles with some others signs of Black Magic not in relation to dreams : The signs of Black Magic.

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