Is Black Magic real ?

black magic

Black magic, witchcraft, spells, curses, evil eye, sorcery… So many names which generate anxiety and questions. But what are they all about? Does Black Magic really exist? Should we be concerned?

What is Black Magic?

Firstly, Magic has no color. This is only a human convention because we love to categorize things. From a purely magical point of view, there is neither Black or White Magic, only Magic.  Just as the knife is not bad or good, it all depends how you use it.

Likewise, Magic can only be defined in regard to how the Magician is using it with his will and focus. The goal Magic is tending to is another way to distinguish various forms of Magic.

That being said and because we are living in a dual world, and just as there are day and night, hot and cold, electric and magnetic current, and of course good and evil, we have become accustomed to distinguish Magic being Black or white (amongst others colors actually but those are the mains ones being used).

Black Magic can be defined in many ways but is commonly viewed as a form of destructive magic whose aim is to fuflill the Magician’s negative selfish ego and will. The practices might include means to directly or indirectly inflict harm, pain and destruction to a target. The harm can be physical, emotionnal, mental, financial or even spiritual.

Some examples of Black Magic:

There are many reasons why a person uses Black Magic.

A classic case will be the woman (or man) being dumped and who will desire to punish his/her ex partner. Or to break his/her new couple.

A businessman will act to destroy a competitor’s business.

Any desire to inflict illness and unhappiness.

In the worst case, wishing that the target get sick and even dies because of some past conflicts. Or just out of jealousy or resentment.

These few examples have all in common desire to put an end to what is considered as a nuisance to the Magician (or his client’s), or to respond to a desire of revenge.

I would like to point out that there is another reason why a person decides to practice Black Magic: to ease his ego and power.

These people have no reason to attack you but will just do it for the sake of feeling powerful, like being able to influence other people’ life. These individuals are psychopaths who enjoys turning others’ life upside down just to see them struggling and suffering.

But don’t think that Black Magic is performed by others. In your everyday’s life you might perform it as well.

You will reply that you do not engage in any ritual and I will answer you that it is not necessary.

We were given two very powerful weapons of which we are unaware of, and which we’re using in a very awkward way : the act of speech and thoughts.

Every word, every thought, generates energy. This energy consists of vibrations that have an effect on everything that surrounds us, including us.

The experiment led by Dr Masaru Emoto has shown the power of words. Putting some rice in two jars, he used to adress to one jar with sweet and loving words, while throwing bad and evil ones to the other.  The result were baffling. While the ‘good jar’ had the rice unchanged, the other jar started to develop mold and others ugly stuff. A little research on the internet will show you pictures and videos as many people reproduced the experiment.

black magic


The same experience has been done on water showing either beautiful shapes (when receiving loving words) or very nasty ones when being insulted.

 The same experience has been done on water showing either beautiful shapes (when receiving loving words) or very nasty ones when being insulted.


Besides, we are what we think. The more we  nurture negative emotions such as anger or fear, the more they will impact on us. Not only emotionally or psychologicaly, but also physically. And some traditions consider that physical illness is nothing more than a manifestation of the illness of the mind.

On the flip side, you have surely heard about those athletes training not only physically but also mentally, visualising themselves reaching their goal. Conversely, if you only have thoughts of defeat and failure, you must bet that you will not go very far.

All this shows us that words and thoughts have an effect on us and our environment.

Therefore, and without the need to wear a Sorcerer’s cape or hold a magic wand in your hand, you naturally have all the tools to accomplish some acts of Black Magic. All you have to do is to feed yourself with thoughts and /or words of jealousy, resentment, hatred, bitterness, or envy towards a person. Doing so repeatedly you will send him negative waves.

If this negative energy is nurtured enough they will provide results.

This is the reason why Magic teaches us among the first lessons to be vigilant about our thoughts and aims through certain exercises to tame, to master our thoughts.  Magicians have been knowing for a very long time the power of words and thoughts and how they can be used not only to heal but also to destroy.

Where it becomes tricky is that you don’t have to throw those thoughts on purpose for them to manifest. You only have to keep ressentment, bitterness, envy or jealousy toward someone to have them sent to someone. Conversely a jealous collegue, a bitter ex partner, a resentful neighbor will for sure send to you his negativity if this is how he feels toward you. This is known as the ‘evil eye’.

As a result it is wise to keep on performing certain practices to clean our energies and the ones around us, I will develop more about them in some future articles.

black magicThe processes of black magic

There are as many processes as there are individuals.

Moreover, the techniques used vary according to the type of Magic practiced. A Gypsy will have a different way of proceeding from a Satanist or a Necromancer. Each practice uses its techniques, its vocabulary, its methods.

Similarities are generally found. Among these, the representation of the victim by an object on which the malicious operations are carried out. Sympathetic magic. You are represented by an object that will undergo Black Magic and will pass it to you. You have certainly heard about the famous “voodoo doll” which by the way is totally unfair to this beautiful religion which is vodou.

Another way used by the Black Magicians is spiritual work. Usually the Magician will call a demon, a deceased spirit, or a personal spirit,  and send him on his victim to bring affliction. Some belongings to the target might be used : hair, nails, a cloth, or even just a picture or a name.

The use of the spirits of the dead through Necromancy is as ancient as the world. Generally the Magician will work with tormented souls full of hate and fears. Infants dead souls might be used too because their will is less strong (but they are more unpredictable too). For example, the spirit of people who died in violent deaths or who were murderers or even spirits which used to be psychopaths when living. All still being stuck in darkness, prisoner of their own negativity.

The Sorcerer will make a pact with the spirit : he will call him by explaining why he did so, introduce to it the target, and agreed about a reward in return of the desired action after it’s been done.

Sometimes the Sorcerer will specify how he wants the victim to be touched, sometimes he will leave the spirit to act as it sees fit.

A time frame is also usually stated to the spirit so that it performs the task within a defined time frame.

When the Sorcerer is aware that the task has been completed, he will reward the spirit as promised. This is a way to keep spirits loyal and ready for another task.

Those spirits can be seen like mercenaries or hitmen, hired for ponctual missions. They have no particular ‘feelings’ for the Sorcerer, they are just performing a task in exchange of some reward.


In conclusion without become paranoid, it is wise to be aware that Black Magic does exist and may be part of our everyday life. For this reason, some basic protective measures have to be used on a regular basis, and I will gladly share them in the future.

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