La Sibilla and Playing Cards languages

La Sibilla and Playing Cards

La Sibilla and Playing Cards are two very powerful divination tool. They both give sharp accurate answers whatever your issue is. Their language is different though because of their different nature.

Playing Cards don’t refer to any visual. Even the Court Cards can’t be really helpful in this regard. The intellectual process doesn’t rely on images. On the contrary, La Sibilla is very visual. It doesn’t mean that with the visuals only you will be able to read this Oracle properly, but at least you have a little something to rely on. Plus, each Sibilla card has a meaningful name which can also help to understand the card : the ennemy, the lover, death, the doctor etc.

What has always interested me is how various divination tool can adress in their own language to deal with a same topic, and today’s daily pull has been a very good example of it.

My Sibilla and Playing Cards daily pull.

The picture is at the top of this page so I invite you to look at it.

At first, I was shocked : such horrible daily pulls ! My day for sure would be like hell and my first thought was then to go back to bed and wake up the following day !

Then, and because I knew what was scheduled today I knew that both La Sibilla and Playing Cards were pointing out the same thing, in their own way.

I had scheduled to bring my car to the mechanic to have a place replaced. My car is old and need to have a special part to be changed. This was the plan. Looking at those cards, I knew something upsetting would happen.


The 4 of Spades is an ugly card. When a situation arises and this card shows up you can be sure something will be blocked. A card of unreliability. The positive strong foundations of the number 4 are totally shaken because of the Spade suit.

The 4 of clubs refer to vehicules because of the number 4 refering to the 4 weels. This card relates to my car.

The King of Spades, as the outcome of the previous, is me being upset.

Looking at this spread I knew that my car wouldn’t be repaired (4s) and that it would be some very annoying news for me (Ks). Another way to say it is that the work related to fixing my car (4c) would be blocked (4s). Or that my car situation (4c) wouldn’t improve (4s). Or that the sickness (4s) affecting my car (4c) wouldn’t be resolved (4s/Ks).

The theme of the day was right at the center of the pull (4c) and the side cards would give some additional information.

But you could have read this line differently : A situation being stucked (4s) would be brought to my attention via a phone call (4c) and it would upset me (Ks).

As you can see, there are many ways to phrase what the cards say, but the message is always the same.

You can start toying with the cards and attack a spread through different angles as long as you understand the cards and know how to read them. It takes time, but when you can reach this point, even deciphering some bad news is fun ! 🙂

La Sibilla

The center card is Imeneo. A card speaking about deals and contracts.Here this card is reversed, showing a lack of fulfillment in those matters. Canceled deals, broken contracts are possible or in a more broad way, any kind of issue related to a contract/partnership.

The Viaggio (travel) card is reversed as well. We understand now that what will affect the deal will make a situation not improving, not moving forward (see how the man is riding forward on his horse). This card speaks about postponements and delays. A situation being stucked. Sometimes, this card even reversed can have positive meanings but ending a line of only unfortunate cards, it can’t be understood that way. Here, it is all about a situation not improving and affecting some plans, some trips as well (as an addenum possible). This card, in our modern societies, can also retate to vehicles and in this case we would have the idea of a car not moving.

The Fortune being reversed could be understood as “missfortune”. It wouldn’t be totally exact. It is true that when this card comes reversed, it loses the whole range of benefit of its upright position. That being said, this card is so powerful that even reversed it doesn’t speak about a definitive failure. Instead, it conveys the idea of some postponment in any kind of achievement, or some delays. But since this was a daily pull, I took it as some missfortunate circumstances for this day.

Here again we can phrase this pull in a couple of ways :

  • The inability to use my car (Viaggio reversed) because of the postponment of a contrat (Fortuna rx/Imeneo Rx).
  • A delay (Fortuna Rx) related to a deal (Imeneo Rx) involving my car (Travel Rx)
  • My impossibility to honor a trip (Viaggio Rx) because of some setbacks (Fortuna Rx) affecting the contract (Imeneo Rx)
  • and so on and so on, actually we could keep on phrasing this line in an infinite way.

It didn’t take me a long time to have those pulls confirmed. I called my car mechanic since we agreed that I would bring my car to the garage today. Unfortunately he told me that he hadn’t received the required piece as he should have and that we would have to postpone the meeting for another day this week. Doing so, it ruined my plan to visit a friend tomorrow who lives 4 hours away from my home. So, while the deal wasn’t canceled, it was postponed. But the news was bad enough to get me upset since my friend is leaving for a couple of hollidays weeks, which means that I won’t be able to visit him before he comes back now.

Both La Sibilla and Playing Cards foretold what would be the headlines of my day.

None of them spoke about a situation ending :

  • The 4 of Spades doesn’t relate to any cancellation, it only shows an unstable and unreliable situation, or a situation not moving forward quickly enough.
  • Fortuna Rx doesn’t speak about something being ‘doomed’ for good, but of a delay affecting a situation.

Both of them imply something related to a trip, a vehicle :

  • 4 of clubs for the Playing Cards
  • Viaggio for La Sibilla

Both of them implied a deal :

  • 4 of clubs being in between 2 spade cards, for the Playing Cards
  • Imeneo Rx for la Sibilla

The difference is that the Playing Cards adressed about the effects on me with the King of Spades, when La Sibilla didn’t give a damn about how I would feel (such an ungrateful Oracle !).

If we compare the 2 lines :

The 4 of spades (situation stucked, slow movement) is above Fortuna Rx (delay, postponements) and they relate.

The 4 of clubs (car, stable deal, phone call) is above Imeneo Rx (issue with a contract). They relate as well. Note that this card above Viaggio Rx would have worked too.

The King of Spades (me being upset) is above Viaggio Rx (delay in travel, situation not improving, issue with a car) and they relate since as a result of those, I’ve felt upset.

It can be interesting sometimes, when doing daily pulls with various divination tools, to read them vertically. Not a technique being unique to me, but still an interesting one.

La Sibilla and Playing Cards were very spot on today. I wish they didn’t. But in any case I had some great fun analyzing them :). For more stuff about Playing Cards, you can visit

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