Sibilla daily draw #1

sibilla daily draw

One recent Sibilla daily draw.

Daily draws – regardless of the divination tool/oracle used – can be tricky. They are not responding to a specific question and have a wide range of action. Sometimes the message is clear and you understand it right away. But some others times, you are just there, wondering what the cards are trying to tell you. This daily draw was one of them.

The Sibilla daily draw

Let’s have a look at the cards :

sibilla daily draw

The main element is represented by the center card. Not a good one !

Ammalato speaks about illness, feeling weak or trapped, something being blocked, or feeling powerless, just to name a few. No need to tell you that if this character was me, I’d rather go back to bed and not live my day ! Speaking about ┬ásituation, it could relate to something not improving or being sick. In one case or the other, I confess that I wasn’t thrilled to see this card while drinking my morning coffee.

Belvedere depicts a woman looking at the horizon with a telescope. This card conveys the idea of a news coming. Could also be someone showing up.

As about Denari (money in italian), it speaks by itself and refers to any financial matters.

So, here I was trying to think about what I was about to do this day to understand the message of La Sibilla.

I thought that maybe I would receive a bad (ammalato) news (Belvedere) regarding some financial matters (Denari). This is one way to look at this line.

Another way would be to consider that I would get some news (Belvedere) about a situation being blocked (Ammalato) but that eventually everything would resolve (Denari).

I was indeed expecting some news involving money and at this point I was quite impatient to see how things would develop and how they would precisely relate to the cards.

The day went kind of so so. I felt rapidly very drained and could do nothing than going to bed and sleeping all day until 8pm. When I woke up I looked at my phone to see if I had received the expected phone call about the financial matter which had to be resolved and unfortunately I got nothing.

I went back to this Sibilla daily pull and looked at the cards again. Then it hit me.

What the Spirit was telling me is that there would be a blocage (Ammalato) leading to a lack of news (Belvedere) related to money (Denari) that I was expecting. On a side note, the Spirit picked up very accurately that I would spend my day in my bed because not feeling so well (super drained).

This article shows why daily pulls can be tricky sometimes, because their range of action is wide and can be understood in many ways. At the end of the day we might have felt properly the cards or not, but the cards are always spot on.

Hope that you enjoyed this first Sibilla daily draw !

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