Sibilla daily draw #2

La Sibilla

Daily draws are tricky, but they are an excellent way to attune to the cards and start understanding them. This is an exercice I’ve been doing with the Playing Cards for a while and it helped me a lot when I got my feet wet with them.

This new daily draw made me wonder.

La Sibilla daily draw :

La Sibilla

As usual and as I’ve said many times in many of my Playing Cards articles or videos, the center card is the most important.

Here, we have La Vecchia Signora (the Old Lady). This card usually refers as the name&card show it to an old female person. Could be a relative, a friend, or anyone the querent will be in touch with. When I looked at this card I wasn’t surprise since a reading for an old lady had been scheduled for a few days already and I had planned to sent her the reading later on during my day. This card without any doubt was her. I could have thought about some relatives but I sticked with my first impression. At this point, I had no more information that her occupying a big part of my day, not only because of the reading but also because she is quite a talkative person and I knew I would have some part of my day dedicated to her.

La Stanza (The room) is mainly a card of communication. Any kind of exchanges are concerned by this card. And as a matter of fact, I would send her an audio reading and would be interacting with her afterwards.

So far, the cards were only speaking about my communication with this old woman.

But where La Sibilla caught me off guard was with the first card : il Ladro (the Thief). A card of theft, of something being stolen away. Or some lack of honesty.

I wondered if the client had been honest with me. Or maybe that finally I wouldn’t speak to her (the discussion being taken away) ?

I decided to wait and did my reading that I sent to her. The case was about a possible curse being sent at her. For 14 years she had experienced terrible missfortune in all matters. When she replied to me she was relieved : my reading allowed her to put a face on the evildoer. Now she knew who was the one cursing her. She spoke to me about this person and it appeared that this man owed her some money which therefore made him not only be a Black Magician but also a thief.

I looked back at la Sibilla daily pull and smiled. This Oracle is so spot on !

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