Sibilla reading to know one’s worries

sibilla reading

I’ve been using quite much the Playing Cards to investigate about people’s current concerns, and I have decided to give it a shot with La Vera Sibilla. This topic will therefore be dealing about how I used a Sibilla reading to know someone’s current worries.

I used a simple 3 card line. I know by now that 5 cards should be the way to go, if not 7, but I still felt willing to give it a shot using 3 cards and you have the spread in the picture above at the start of this article.

The Sibilla reading :

The middle card gives the theme : Denari means “money” in italian and this is a very favourable card speaking about wealth, ressources, being financially successful or secure. This sole card tells that the worries of this person are financially related. As you can see on the picture, a big dresser is at the very center of the card and full of items. We get from this a feeling of power and stability. Since the question deals about some worries, we can logically conclude that finances have not been really stable or solid for the person investigated. Not having enough funds, miss-fortune (pun intended) can also be understood.

The Constanza card (Consistency) gives some more information, telling us that the money issues have been lasting for quite a while. This card is about things being constant, lasting. So in our case, litterally the money problems have been constant. This is also a card of achievement and asking about someone’s worries and getting this card shows the unability for this person to be successful in financial matters. Having indeed such a positive card answering to what could be someone’s worries is like reading it reversed. Instead of being financially secure, this person has had her financialy foundations being quite shaky, unstable with lots of ups and downs. A constant struggle in money matters.

Interestingly enough, Constanza speaks about overcoming issues because of one’s own efforts. In this case we can deduce the opposite. The person hasn’t helped herself enough to get out of her tight situation. Lack of discipline or motivation, emotional ups&downs (don’t forget that this card is related to the 10 of hearts in Playing Cards), not following through with some plans or opportunities can also explain why this person is in such a state right now. Circumstances might not have been good with many setbacks coming, but this person has some responsabilities as well in her own troubles. She probably lacked determination to do what had to be done.

Gelosia is really a bad card and here gives us some more information about how this situation affects the querent. You don’t want to have anything to do with it in any kind of Sibilla reading. This card is just gross. It conveys a tremendous amount of negative emotions. Feeling powerless, despaired, filled with stress and negativity. This card can sometimes even speak litterally about suicide, not the case here but just to give you an idea about the negative influence this card can have on someone. Gelosia shows the person being totally overwhelmed with a feeling of being powerless which can lead to depression. The associated Playing Card is the dreadful 8 of spades, which makes sense since this Spade card manifests a lot of lack of power and is also one of the sickness card (amonst many others things of course).

No need to say that the person involved has confirmed all of those points.

As you can see with this little Sibilla reading, a simple 3 card line can already give us some precious information about someone’s current concerns. Hope that you enjoyed the article, have a great day everyone !

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