Some interesting 3 card draws with La Sibilla

3 card draws with La Sibilla

Long time no see! I am very happy to be back to share some of the recent 3 card draw with la Sibilla that I got a few days ago.

The first pull was just a daily pull. No question asked whether how my day would be and this is what I got.

My 3 card draws with La Sibilla :

3 card draws with La Sibilla

The Letter, The Room, the Crazies.

At a 1st glance, this pull isn’t good. We could have the idea of me receiving some news (letter) about someone sharing something (room) upsetting me (the crazies). Or broadly speaking any kind of setback received by news.

I decided to put this pull aside and to live my day. Hours later and totally randomly I decided to go and play poker at a local casino (never thought about doing it when I pulled in the morning). It’s only when I came back home and reviewed the pull that all made sense.

The room described the poker room. Especially in conjunction with “The Crazies”. Amongst the poker world poker players can be described as “degens” and this fits exactly with “The Crazies” card : people who act impulsively, often without reason, and behave in an irrational way.

What about the letter ? Well, here again the Sibilla was very litteral. When I arrived there I asked how to become a member. Actually I had nothing to do, just ask for chips to play poker. I changed some money and the lady gave me a white plastic card… Remind you of something ? This card perfectly described the visual of the Letter Sibilla card.

So basically, my daily pull was just telling me that this day I would go and play poker to the casino. Very mundane for sure but how accurate!

Let’s go back a little. After I decided to go and play poker I asked to La Sibilla if I would win money and these are the cards that I got :

Il Gran Signore is of course me. Nothing more to say about this card besides that yes, I am a good man 🙂

The next ones were quite interesting though.

Great consolazione is a great financial card, but here it comes reversed. While in its upright position it speaks about dreams coming true and financial achievements, having it reversed was not a good omen since it relates to financial blocages/issues, lost opportunities and fears.

That being said the spread ended with Fortuna which negates the negative effect of the previous card and gives to the outcome a very strong positive vibe.

So, how can we understand Gran Consolazione reversed (the man has dreams about money but he is upside down) in relation to the power of the Fortuna card in its upright position ?

Here again, La Sibilla described totally perfectly what did happen. I went to the casino and started to play poker. At first I made my way to a nice $220 profit. I considered leaving but elected to stay a bit more. I should have listened to my guts! In the next hour I lost 50% of my profit and left with a $110 net profit.

Not bad but not as good as it could have been. While the Fortuna card still showed that I would win money, the Gran Consolazione reversed showed some financial losses. Also could represent some lost opportunities during certain plays making me missing some more gains. And I experienced indeed both state : winning money at the end (Fortuna as the outcome card) while losing a bit of my profit in between (Gran Consolazione reversed).

There is another way to understand this pull : me (Gran Signore) concerned about losing money (Gran Consolazione reversed) but eventually ending winning some (Fortuna). I have to say that both analysis seem equally valid here.

In any case, the more I work with La Sibilla the more I love it. I’m a Playing Cards readers but I can see how La Sibilla is a very interesting oracle to work with, with its own vocabulary and language.

Getting to master La Sibilla will require more than a lifetime but what matters is not the destination but the journey.

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