Spotting a curse with La Sibilla #2


Another case where I had to use La Vera Sibilla to see if the querent was victim of a curse.

He is a Magician and had been involved in some spiritual warfare. He felt that something wasn’t right and asked me to investigate.

La Sibilla is very good to detect if a curse has been sent to you, so I took my cards, focused on the querent and asked the Spirit to provide me with her insights.

Had a curse been sent ?

Here are the cards that the Spirit gave me :


The first thing that I noticed was the majority of cards being upside down. Not really a good start in such cases.

I first looked at the center card which has always been the most important to me, even when I’ve been reading Playing Cards.

Pensiero (thoughts) shows as the name states some thoughts. They can be positive or negative. Here, the card appears reversed, suggesting some malicious thoughts, evil plans, and malefic intentions. This is really a negative card which can represent a negative thoughform or could be the starting point of some evil eye.

I looked at the surrounding cards to have more information.

Il Dottore (doctor) is a good man whose mission is to provide help and healing. But here, it appears reversed showing that this person is ill-intentioned. What this person is willing to achieve is not to help the querent but on the contrary to wound him. I shared this spread on Facebook and the great Sibilla reader J. David Arcuri added that il Dottore when upside down represents also a root worker with little power. I quote my source out of respect.

At this point, we have the idea of an evil man performing magic and most likely with not great power nuturing/feeding/targetting the querent with malevolent thoughts.

The last card gives us the result of this action. The line can indeed be read as : subject – action – outcome. This won’t always be the case since there is no rigid order with La Sibilla.

Allegrezza al cuore is a positive card. People are partying and dansing, apparently happy. This card can’t relate to the happiness of the evildoer since the question revolves around the querent, asking if he is under a curse. Therefore, this card gives us the result on the querent of this curse.

With this card, we know that the querent is fine. Allegrezza al cuore acts as a shield against the curse. It counterfeit all the previous ones.

Besides and because of the group of people present on the card, we have the idea of some collective benevolent forces in action which protect the querent : his spirits. He has been working with Celestial spirits for years and I wasn’t really surprised to see this card showing up as the outcome.

I sent my reading to him and he agreed that if he had been feeling some inconveniences such as feeling tired and some weird energies around sometimes, nothing too fancy could be noticed.

As you can see again, La Vera Sibilla is very straightforward when it comes to spot a curse or any kind of witchcraft. She doesn’t speak much but when she does, she goes straight to the point and you’d better listen.


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