Spotting a curse with La Sibilla #1

Black Magic

Spotting a curse with La Sibilla is quite easy once you’ve understood how this Oracle works. Playing Cards are very good as well in this regard but La Sibilla offers another way to look into the issue.

There are many cards manifesting Black Magic and curses and it is not difficult to obtain a clear and straight answer with this Oracle.

This first case is related to a woman who came to me recently. She had spent 14 years of bad luck and missfortune, being in a state of complete despair.

I had no more information besides her wish for me to investigate and see if a curse had been thrown at her.

Spotting a curse with La Sibilla

I took my Oracle and got those 3 cards :

spotting a curse with la Sibilla

It has to be noted than contrary to the Playing Cards, a flow of Sibilla’s cards is read differently. While card B affects card A with the Playing Cards making a story going from left to right, there is no such order with La Sibilla. Each card bring a piece of the puzzle that the reader has to put alltogether. What is common between the two systems though is the importance of the center card.

Here the center card is Imeneo. It is usually a benevolent and positive card speaking about contracts and nice interactions. This card also conveys the idea of some wills and plans. That being said, it is difficult not to be sensitive to the visual : 2 hands above some kind of fireplace with both fire and smoke around them. How not to look at this card as a some ritual/spell, at some malefic work being done ? The 2 hands are from 2 different people if you look at the picture (and want to be picky), advocating about 2 people involved. Surely the one deciding to use Sorcery and the Sorcerer performing it. That being said, this card could also fall if only one person was involved.

At this point, we know that a contract has been made and because of the strong visual that it implies Magic, and of course not in a good way in response to the question asked.

To have some more information we have to look at the others cards.

Gelosia. This card refers to the evildoer. We see on the card a man in a state of complete despair and about to commit a suicide. He is feeling weak and has to put his hand on a wall behind him. The character is a male so the person has to be a man. He also must have felt powerless at some point, or in a state creating some negative feelings. I don’t necessarily take the ‘jealousy’ as being the only feeling possibly involved. Others such as anger, pain, bitterness or ressentment might have been present, just to name a few. A person who at some point experienced some emotional turmoil because of some interaction with the client and whose response has been by nurturing negativity.

The last card gives us some more information about what the ritual was all about and in this regard what are the intention of this man :

Prigione Rx (jail)
The card might be upside down, I don’t take it as being tamed. On the contrary, I felt like it aggravated the situation. A person is imprisoned, unable to leave, and confined in a jail. Symbolically the meaning is quite clear. The scope of this curse is to imprison the querent’s life, preventing her from being happy or succeeding in any endeavor. Because of the card being upside down enhances the feeling that what the man is willing to accomplish is to ‘turn upside down’ the querent’s life.

Looking at this spread we have the following pattern : main character responsible – action – outcome.

I took my Playing Cards (I love to use them alongside with La Sibilla) and got amongst others cards : 2d/Ks. This combo made me understand not only that this man was aiming at impacting the querent’s financial situation but also that he was someone the querent had been involved with in regard to money matters.

I sent my reading to the client who was able to identify this man. I have provided to her some rituals to perform so that she can lift the curse. She is happy and ready to close this 14 years chapter of her life to start a new one.

Spotting a curse with La Sibilla is quite straightforward as you can see. It is a marvelous tool which can help you to see if yes or no some curse have been thrown at you. I will post some others cases in the future. Thank you for reading.

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