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Greetings !

My name is Angelo and I am a Playing Cards reader and am involved with Magic as well. I already have a site dedicated to my practice of the Playing Cards and where you will find many articles, videos, reviews from my customers, and where you can get a reading, lessons, or purchase my Playing Cards Guide.

Recently, I have decided to honor my italian roots by starting my journey with La Vera Sibilla Oracle. This is a very old divination tool which has been known for its accuracy. It has been a surprise for me to be honest, because usually I wouldn’t be attracted by cards with visuals but for some reasons one day I have decided to go with this Oracle.

The first contact with La Sibilla was very encouraging. After a custom ritual to attune to the Spirit I received a nice validation from it that she (I refer to her as a ‘feminine’ spirit) would help me to fortell the future. Indeed, while asking for her to be by my side, a card popped up from the deck I was holding on my hands without even manipulating them :

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Difficult not to take this woman as the Sibilla spirit herself, indicating that she would make me benefit from her “sight” (the woman is using a telescope to look at something being at long distance).

Since then I’ve been working with her to make my way up. It’s quite a challenging journey, especially when you are used to read the Playing Cards. While both Playing Cards and La Sibilla have many things in common, the way to understand the cards and how the flow of cards work varies and it takes a little time at first to make the switch between those two divination tools.

But the more you practice, the more you’re feeling comfortable and confident, and see how sharp and accurate La Sibilla is. This is scary and I have to confess that I’ve been very impressed by her level of accuracy. So this site will be a perfect occasion to share some pulls with you using La Sibilla. Hopefully those shared readings will pick your interest, and who knows, maybe you’ll get one deck too !


I am also involved into magic and a big part of this site will be dedicated to it.

Magic has no colour so speaking about ‘white’ magic makes no sense for a magician. But you get the point. Instead if ‘white’ magic maybe we can refer to constructive magic : magic aimed at elevating myself and others.

My magical work revolves around Saints and Celestial beings. I also actively work with my Ancestors which I will speak about in some later posts. I’ve had many paths during my life where I didn’t really know where to focus on. As a seeker, I engaged in many spiritual journeys before settling down with this one and everyday I am feeling blessed.

In this site I will speak about those spirits and about what is called ‘black magic’ in the sense of a destructive form of magic. Because it is real and you have to know how to protect yourself from it. In this regard, I will post spreads using La Sibilla so that you can see how she can help you to spot curses in the case you are worried to be under such bad energies.

I am very happy to welcome you on this site. A nice journey into La Sibilla and Magic is about to start and I feel very pleased and honored you’ve decided to join the party. In the case you wish to contact me for any kind of query you can send me a message. I will come back to you as soon as I can.

Have a wonderful day !


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