The 2 dangers of astral projection

dangers of astral projection

Astral projection is a fascinating topic. But people often wonder if this technique can be dangerous. I would like to bring my insights, based on my personal experience. I mainly see 2 possible dangers.

The two dangers of astral projection :

I would like to immediately refute what some people might think in terms of not being able to go back to your body when astral projecting. This won’t happen.

However, there are certain dangers of astral projection. What are they ?

I – Neglecting the physical plane

One must have experienced what astral projection is to understand this state of well-being, joy, pleasure and freedom it provides. The human body is no longer a limit to the expression of one’s will : whatever one wishes manifestsf and you feel free and light as never you’ve ever felt.

It gives you some high amount of pleasure, well being, which can’t be compared to anything we’ve been used to when in our body in this physical plane.

When you are astral projecting, besides those incredible feelings, you get in touch with new beings, worlds, and experiences. You understand that this physical plane is just one layer amongst many others, your understanding of Life widens up, your knowledge expands, and you get to know that there are others world out there such as :

dangers du voyage astral

dangers du voyage astral

dangers du voyage astral

Although I’ve taken those pictures from the internet, they depict kinds of places I’ve had the chance to visit while astral projecting. Actually, you have to understand that there are many world besides ours.

You can imagine that those experiences such as a wider state of consciousness and abilities, meeting various beings from others dimensions make the awakening in bed in the morning quite brutal.

You find yourself again stuck in this physical body which suddenly seems very heavy. You are burdened with the limitations of the physical, you have to live another day of grind, the rat race, a work you hate, people you dislike, paying taxes, dealing with boring neighbors, rough colleagues or bosses etc.  You have travelled a part of the night in these wonderful worlds and you wake up and only have to deal with boredom.

All this becomes very depressing. VERY. And totally MEANINGLESS and TASTELESS.

Why go to work, why bother all the day to petty struggles when you can fly into the galaxy, meet spirits and beings of other planets and live many exciting and spiritually fulfilling experiences ? Everything here becomes grossl and rude and nothing on this planet, on this plane, can compete and provide pleasure anymore.

This is the most important of the dangers of astral projecton when it becomes a regular practice : losing touch with the physical reality and all the work you have to achieve there. If you are not aware enough, you might lose mental balance and just spend all days and night sleeping to achieve some more astral projections, totally neglecting this physical plane, deconnecting from what your life here is, and secluding yourself from others and all your social, relationship, familly, business, financial duties.

I have been a victim of this syndrome myself, reason why I can speak about it.

We have tot understand that if we are on Earth, this is for a reason. We have things to achieve here because this is part of our spiritual evolution. Putting them aside would be a big mistake.

II – Attracting negative spirits

Another of the dangers of astral projection.

I remember of this person on youtube who was so proud to tell that he had astral projected only to have the chance to meet a negative spirit (just as a test).

When I disagreed about it, he replied that he didn’t care nor was scared because he was “immortal” on the astral planes.

Truth is that any possible danger is not really while during astral projecting but afterwards.

Because you can’t be killed during an astral projection does not mean that you are safe when you regain consciousness in this physical world.

Thinking likewise is flawed. Like a child who thinks that because he’s putting his head under a pillow not to see the monster anymore, the monster has gone.

Because you regain consciousness in this physical world and are no longer able to see negative spirits does not mean that they’ve disappeared.

If you start to mess and dabble with lower astral beings, chances are that they will start get interested in you and will stick around you. Because you won’t see them when you wake up doesn’t mean they won’t be around, especially if we’re speaking about spirits from the lower astral planes which are known to be close to ours. And the last thing you want is such lower beings around you in your life. Their influence won’t be pleasant.

Astral planes and dimensions are populated with billions of spirits and like our world if some are benevolent and of good nature, some others don’t have such qualities.

It must be understood that astral projection opens you up to the invisible world. You are able to create a bridge between you and dimensions over which you have no control. In this regard and in order to keep your practice safe you want to engage with higher spirits and try to do your best to reach higher planes. Astral projecting to meet the Ancestors is also a good option. As about the lower planes, they are meaningful only if you decide to engage in soul retrievals (helping lost souls to elevate to the Light).

Because I was curious at the start of my journey, I have willingly astral traveled to some of the lowest astral realms. Not some places you’d like to spend some hollidays and the pictures below, even if taken from the internet, depict quite well some of the places I’ve been unfortunate to travel to :

dangers voyage astral

dangers voyage astral

The dangers of astral projection is to get too involved with them and neglect the physical plane. It is also to start to wander in some unhealthy places. If you are aware of those two traps you will be fine, and astral projection will be a wonderful way to learn, improve, and develop your spirituality.

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