The Ancestors

the Ancestors

The Ancestors occupy a tremendous role in one’s spirituality. They are unfortunately often overlooked and hopefull this article will show you how important they can be in your life. Honoring them is indeed a major part of what should be your spiritual practice.

Why you should honor the Ancestors ?

When I refer to them I speak about your bloodline Ancestors.

Any human being have Ancestors. They are your deceased relative, from your father’s or mother’s side.

Many traditions around the world do serve them such as Chinese, Buddhists, Indians, Africans. Unfortunately the Western World ignore them most of the time. Once a relative dies, there’s some funerals, and once the ceremony is over this is it. We move on.

The Ancestors are within ourselves and we are part of them. We share the same blood, the same DNA. It creates a very close and strong link that nothing else can beat. Actually your Ancestors are your closest spirits.

We are here because of them. We are the results of all our Ancestors. In this regard we should aknowledge them, thank them because we are what we are because of them.

The Ancestors are always around us.┬áThe spirit world is real. Spirits are everywhere. Because we can’t perceive them doesn’t mean that they’re not around us. Our physical senses are very limited and can only perceive a tiny fraction of the light spectrum (same with sound’s). But as spirits are there generally speaking, same is true when it comes to our Ancestors.

The Ancestors never deceives, they want our good.┬áBut to benefit from their presence and help in our everyday life we have to activate this lineage so that our Ancestors’ power can be unleashed. You can have some troublesome Ancestor, but once you serve them, they will take care of the one causing problems. There are some protocols and things to do and I will gladly share them with you soon.

Not only your Ancestors have the ability to open new doors for you, to help you in your mundane life (work, finance, love etc) but they are your first layer of spiritual protection. They can indeed provide you with their protection against spiritual attacks, or warn you about incoming ones.

How to serve the Ancestors ?

By aknowledging them and inviting them into our life. This is really not a complicated process.

You don’t have to whisper some barbarous formulas in Latin or Hebrew, you don’t have to be a Supreme Magus, you don’t need fancy and expensive tools or to create overly complex rituals.

All is already there, within you and all that you need to do is to ‘switch on’ the light.

Your Ancestors are the closest and easiest spirits to work with and in this regard they should be the first ones we work with.

After you’ve started to connect to your lineage, things will happen. You will get dreams, omen, signs telling you that your Ancestors are with you.

They will guide you, give you advice, warn you about any danger. You will meet the right people at the right time, especially if you’re in trouble.

When you’re looking for solutions, they will come to you in some unexpected ways. Some new doors and opportunities will arise. Your life will change and for the better.

Getting back to your roots, to where you come from, and unleashing the power of your lineage is the most potent magical and spiritual action that one could ever take. And if you read cards it will improve your reading abilities in a tremendous way as I’ve discussed in this article about readings and Magic.

Instead of looking for some foreign spirits outside of your blood, check your ancestors out first. They can help you in many ways so that going fishing others spirits will become totally unnecessary.

There are many things to say about the Ancestors, this article is just a short introduction explaining why you should honor the Ancestors. Some more informations to come in the future.

Whether you are a Magician, a card reader, or nothing of those, you should honor your Ancestors. It makes you reconnect to your roots, to where you come from. If you do so, your life will change for the better and will never be the same.

My Ancestors saved me from many dangers, inspire me everyday, help me with my readings, give me advices, opportunities, strength and help when I need some, they provide guidance, they make some tough choices be easier. I invite you to get interested in this topic because this is something that should be part of everyone’s spiritual practice.

If you are interested in started this journey with your Ancestors, I invite you to check out my book about How to serve the Ancestors.


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