The Archangel Gabriel

archangel gabriel

Another beautiful spirit. Gabriel, who belongs to the Order of the Cherubim and whose name means “the strength of God” or “God is my strength“.

Who is the Archangel Gabriel ?

The Archangel Gabriel is the angelic spirit annunciating the Last Judgement. Reason for which he is often represented with a trumpet which also is said to be used in the future to annunce the Christ coming back.

He revealed the Q’uran to the prophet Muhammad, annunced the birth of Jesus to Marie, have also annunced the births of Isaac and John the Baptist. In the Torah he is also known to have helped Daniel to understand his visions.

Gabriel is therefore aknowledge by the 3 main religions as the angel of the Annuinciation. Both Christian and Jewish tradition consider this Archangel to be is one of the 7 Archangels.

The Archangel Gabriel announces, reveals, dispels the confusion. He reigns over the sphere of the Moon and in Kabal is therefore attributed to the Sephira (divine emanation) called “Yesod”. I do not go into too much detail this is not the purpose of this article.

If you encounter a faith crisis or wish to strengthen it and get closer to the Divine, the Archangel Gabriel is the one you should pray.

The Archangel Gabriel in fact is the one who helps to clarify what is in the shadows.

Because it is connected to the Moon, the Archange Gabriel deals with anything being related to the emotions, dreams, and psychic development. He also helps with any kind of emotional or psychic disorders.

  • You want to remember your dreams or have a better clarity of dreams or perform any kind of dream work. He can help you understand your dreams.
  • You want to develop your abilities in lucid dreams and astral projection.
  • You want to develop your intuition, your psychic powers.
  • You want to dissipate a confusion on a particular topic.
  • You wish to have a greater closeness and knowledge of God.
  • You want to solve a psychological or emotional problem, find peace of mind and heart.
  • You want to better connect to your inner being.
  • Your mind is disturbed by anything: a situation, a delicate choice to make, the need for inspiration.
  • You wish to have more knowledge about the Akashic Records which contain all the human records since the start to the end of times.

Because of his relation to the Moon he also is the Archangel of fertility, and can be called for menstrual issues. He is also the protector of those who travels by sea. At last he can also help in any kind of water magic.

You see this beautiful Archangel is powerful and can serve us in many ways.

His color is silver/white and Monday is his day. You can call the Archangel Gabriel any day though (at the hour of the Moon ideally), but Monday is the best day, at least to start a relationship.

The Archangel Gabriel is represented in a masculine or feminine way. This is not the case with other Archangels.

The first time I met this Archangel in dreams, he appeared to me as a woman.

I was in a beautiful garden, nice weather. At one point I noticed the presence of someone there. I turned my head and saw an elderly woman with GREAT WHITE HAIR (Gabriel’s color). Her hair was abundant and of a very shinyt white. An immense wisdom seemed to emanate from her.

We began to discuss and at some point I asked :

  • Please tell me how I have to do to ‘succeed’ my life.

I was not talking about anything mundanely related but how to be successful spiritually in this life, achieving what my Divine plan was so that I could get closer to God.

The woman smiled then replied :

  • Do not ask the question for now. How to ‘succeed’ in your life? Just live your life.

I let you to meditate on this short but wise sentence which contains great wisdom. People just exist, life is a grind, the famous rat race. They just exist, or survive if you prefer, they certainly don’t “live” their life.

We kept on talking and I will keep the rest for me if you do not mind.

This was my first contact with the Archangel Gabriel. An angelic spirit of great sweetness and understanding. Her energies are soft and reassuring, reason why this Archangel is great when you are experiencing emotional pain.

I would like to finish this article with some pictures found here and there:


Archange Gabriel


Archange Gabriel


Archange Gabriel


Archange Gabriel

If you succeed in creating and nurturing a relationship with the Archangel Gabriel, you will have gained a great friend by your side.

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