The signs of Black Magic

signs of black magic

This is a question I’ve been asked quite frequently. I have therefore decided to give some guidelines to help because it is always useful to spot what are those signs of Black Magic when being spiritually attacked.

The signs of Black Magic

It can be useful to spot those signs because someone messing with you spiritually is by nature hidden.

The signs I am going to give you by no means are all of them. But this list should cover most cases in case of spiritual attack.

I have to precise that because you find yourself having one of those signs doesn’t necessarily mean that you are cused. What you are looking for are many signs repeatedly showing up.


I – Nightmares

I invite you to read one of my other article on this topic : How your dreams can reveal Black Magic. You will have more information there.


II – Mood swings and nervosity

Believe it or not but not all your thoughts belong to you. Some are directly influenced by the spirit world. When they are benevolent and constructive, giving hope, desires, strenght and inspiration all is fine, but when they aren’t, you are in troubles.

When being under some curses, malevolent spirits start to have a direct influence on your thoughts and energies. Remember those cases of murderers saying that they heard a voice in their mind telling them to do it ? While some of those people were just insane, some others times..

If you start to feel moody, and act in some abnormal agressive way, it can be a sign that a spirit has attached to you and is impacting on your mind. Usually the change is quite noticeable. You start to feel angry at everything and everyone. Basically you start to be as hot as the spirit which has been sent to you.

Likewise, it is not rare to start feeling down and depressed. Or even drained physically (or emotionnally/psychologically) with you unable to do anything but sleep. Here again it might be the result of a leech draining you from you energies, or a malevolent spirit impacting on your inner well being.


III – Electric/Electronic issues

Because electric and electronic devices are using energies, it is likely that the presence of a negative spirit (which is energy as well) directly impact on them. For instance your computer fries, your car engine breaks down, the lights at your place start to flicker, your smartphone manifest issues etc. This is the result of the troublesome and destructive energies carried by the spirit and sent at you.


IV – Your home is not your home anymore

Generally speaking if you start to experience problem after problem at your house, you might want to start to investigate further.

Constant leaks, mold, feeling of cold or hot (depending on the spirit sent to you), noise are also common. I remember hearing for a while footsteps on the 1st floor of my house alongside with some banging sounds. Boring.

Interesting to note that you might notice your familly or friends starting not to feel well when they visit you. Either they become sick or don’t feel comfortable there anymore.


IV – Bugs

Yes, bugs can be a sign of Black Magic. Black flies, roaches, mice are common. I remember of one night where suddenly at 1am and whereas all my windows were closed, I had an invasion of big black flies showing up in my living room. They were quite nasty coming at me which was very unpleasant and it took me I think at least 1 good hour to kill them all. Oh, when I’m speaking about an invasion it’s not 5 or 6, we’re speaking in dozen..

Likewise roaches are very earthly bugs and often related to spirits of the dead and if you start getting many of them whereas it never was an issue, it might be amongst others signs an evidence of Black Magic. Again, each sign has to be examined with caution and in regards to some others elements.


V – Bad luck and Missfortune

Another sign of Black Magic is of course when everything in your life starts to go sour. Whatever you’re trying to achieve, it constantly fail and you face perpetual blocages.

Your life was quite standard with its ups&downs and suddenly nothing is going in the right direction anymore and when one issue is resolved then another one is coming. An endless pain.

The list is almost endless, here are just a few examples :

  • you lose your job, your partner breaks up
  • you lose your car or house keys, credit/debit cards
  • your place is getting robbed or accumulate issues (see above)
  • you get flat tires, your car is keyed
  • issue at your job with colleagues, clients, boss or your business activity suddenly decreases
  • unexpected bills don’t stop showing up
  • etc etc etc

This because one of the goal of a curse is to make your life be like hell. You become the target of a tremendous amount of negative energies aimed at bringing havoc.


V –Health issues

Unfortunately this is often the main goal of a curse : to have you feel sick or even worse.

I have witnessed someone who from one day to another started to lose his hair, couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk (or barely).

Affecting your health can also occur with car/bike accidents. Actually curses love car accidents. One priviledged way for them to manifest and hurt you.

VI – Loss of a pet or relative

Another sign of the Black Magic.

Yes, directly targetting your loved ones is an excellent way to hurt you as well.

Because they are more sensitive than we are, pets not only can detect bad energies (don’t be surprised if them start to act in some abnormal way such as manifesting anger or sudden fears) they also are more vulnerable to curses.

Of course if your pet was already old and dies, probably his death has nothing to do with any curse. But if the issues appears out of the blue and if you’ve noticed some others signs, then you might start wondering.


VII – Your plants or trees getting sick

Common signs of Black Magic is when your trees/plants (if you live in a house with a courtyard for instance) start to manifest signs of sickness.

Actually in one way, they are a very good sign to spot a curse because they manifest all the energies around. The more they get sick the more something might be fishy (again in addition to others signs).

For instance :

signes de la magie noire

Besides if you’re living in a house with a yard, an ennemy might have burried something in it, which as a result will spread all the negative energies affecting the trees/plants there.


Those signs of Black Magic are not the only ones and many others might be noted. But you have some of the main ones, which are likely to indicate that you are under a curse. In the case you have a doubt, you can always have a divination done for you to confirm or not your feelings.

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