What is Necromancy ?


It is quite unfair to put this article about Necomancy in the ‘Black Magic’ section but since this practice can be used for destructive purpose, I’m doing so.

Necomancy represent at the start all practices aiming at communicating with the dead. In this regard, there is not especially any evilness in it (besides religions condemning it).

I am going to speak about Necromancy in a magical context, when aimed at bringing havoc and destruction upon a target.

This practice is one of the nastiest one possible when directed in such a way.

Our modern societies respect the dead. In this regard, working with the spirit of the dead is often seen as a sin. The dead have to be left alone and certainly not bothered. Their goal after they passed away is to elevate spiritually.

That being said, many ancestral traditions work with them which contrasts with the taboo of the Western world on this matter.

What is Necromancy ?

As said at the start of this article, mainly Necromancy consists of communicating with the dead without any magical operation being performed beyond this communication.

In Magic however, Necromancy consists in actively working with the spirits of the dead. It is not only all about being a psychic or using a Ouija board.

Where it becomes an issue is when this work is aimed at bringing destruction upon a victim.

Why practice Necromancy ?

Many reasons.

Firstly, many of the Magicians I know have this gloomy fascination with the realm of the dead and everything dark and ‘spooky’ attached to it.

But most importantly, the dead are spirits which by nature can still be very close to our physical plane and many of them are still around, wandering, lost and with no real purpose. For this reason, the dead can be more easily contacted than spirits being on higher realms. Being so close to us, the dead represent the perfect allies for Magicians.

When a Sorcerer is ill-intentioned, he will work with them to torure and torment the poor victim. He will call some desperate and lost souls who are still in a state of anger and fear. Could be souls of murderers, psychopaths who keeps on nurturing hate after they passed away. As I previously said in another article, infants spirits can be used too because their will is less strong and can more easily be used to perform some baneful magic.

Working with the spirit of the dead is quite clever since few people (I’m refering to the targets) know how to defend. The spirits of the dead not only can be very fierce but also quite sticky and getting rid of them can become a real pain. Besides, the damages they can inflict can be very very severe. Therefore, spirits of the dead are perfect for any kind of destructive magic, when willing to inflict sickness, ruin, tragedy, and ultimately death.

That being said, it is totally possible to work with the dead for divination purpose (to get insights or advice), or to improve some material condition, or even heal some minor ailments. Another possibility to work with them is for protection : they can defend you. That being said, don’t expect them to be able to stand any kind of heat and they can be bypassed by major spirits.

How to practice Necromancy ?

You don’t. Because this is not something which should be done without proper knowledge and guidance. You don’t dabble with the dead. Those spirits can be quite unpredictable and if you don’t know what you are doing and get a pissed dead after you, good luck to get rid of him. Moreover working with the dead requires some protocols you won’t find on the internet. So, stay away from them.

Working with the spirits of the dead – honoring the Ancestors excluded – can be a dangerous practice which should only be performed by skilled Magicians.

I will only say this :

  • The Sorcerer usually works with some graveyards close to his house. ┬áDoing so, he creates and nurtures his relationship with the dead. That being said, it is possible to practice Necromancy “at home”. But I won’t enter into details.
  • Working with the cemetery requires to respect some protocols to keep this practice as safe as possible. Amongst those, the necessity to be in good terms with the Guardian of the cemetery.
  • Another useful ally when performing some necromancy is the Psychopomp, a spirit or deity whose mission is to help the recent dead souls to elevate. Hermes, Hekate, Baron Samedi, Saint Michel belong to this category.
  • Amongst offerings made to the dead, liquor and tobacco are highly appreciated.
  • You won’t learn Necromancy on the internet. This knowledge is passed from mouth to ear.

Necromancy can be a very fulfilling and spiritual practice if done with good intentions. Unfortunately, many Magicians only practice it to inflict harm and pain. In any case, stay away from the dead – Ancestors excluded -, you have better things to focus on.

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