Why you shouldn’t use the Ouija board

Ouija board

Spiritism has been made popular because of the work of the spiritualist Allan Kardec and the use of the Ouija board has become very popular these days. You can find many videos on youtube where people share their session using it. To be honest, I am always baffled to see this little planchete being sold as a toy. Such a scam.

How does work the Ouija board ?

The principle is fairly simple – reason why it is so dangerous -. You can use it alone but at least 2 people are required since it will allow more energies to be released to attune to the spirit.

A planchette with letters, numbers, and a couple of already made words allow to interact with the spirit using a pointer.

Each person put a finger on the planchette, call the spirit and wait for it to come and communicate.

The persons being present can therefore ask questions and receive answers by forming sentences with the letters of the board each time the pointer stop on one until a word, a few words, or a sentence are formed.

Is the Ouija board legit ?

I can personnnally vouch for the legitimacy of the Ouija board. While only being a child I was already partaking to some sessions led by my mother who was psychic. My parents used to work with the board. Sometimes I was sitting at the table with them, some others times I was only watching.

If you think that the pointer is moving because of the participants, I invite you to revise your judgement. A session can be so real that the pointer is moving like by itself. Quite startling the first times !

What happens is that the spirit uses the energy of the leader of the session to have the pointer moving. For the leader, this can be quite a draining process and I remember about my mother feeling very tired at the end of each session.

The legitimacy of the Ouija board leaves no doubt. I’ve witnessed some sessions where spirits were giving accurate information about past, present or future events to come with no possibility for the people present to be aware of.

Some others times, some spirits would give information about how to find some burried artefacts. I remember once about this spirit telling to my parents where a chest full of gold coinds was burried. My parents checked about the exact place as described by the spirit and they could validate all the given information.

Why can the Ouija board be dangerous ?

The main reason is the lack of control and of verification about the spirit present.

Using a Ouija board is like opening the front door of your house and screaming “come on people, the door is open !”. Maybe some nice guy will be interested by your invitation and will come. But what if comes a killer ? I think that the comparison is clear enough.

  • You never know who is the spirit coming.

Because a spirit introduces himself as your uncle doesn’t mean that this is your uncle being present. The astral world – especially the lower realms where are mostly coming from the spirits you call using a Ouija board – is full of trickster spirits who won’t hesitate to deceive you so that you keep on calling them. As a matter of fact they will stick to you and cause problems (leeches draining your energies, spirits bringing chaos in your life etc).

  • This is even worse than usually people using the Ouija board are only people looking for sensation, without any proper spiritual grounds.

They just want to have fun. Be careful to what you wish for because the party could turn into hell quite quickly.

What are you going to do when a pissed spirit of the dead comes and start to act on a crazy way ? Do you know how to get rid of it ? As I have always said : if you don’t know how to stop something if it goes wrong, don’t start. Would you be willing to drive a car without brakes ?

Understand that you will have no control about which spirit will come, if this spirit is genuine, what his intentions are, nor how to get rid of it.

  • And this leads us to the next point : do you think that because you ended a session the spirit called is not there anymore ?

Because you stopped a sessions doesn’t mean that the spirit has gone. On the contrary, once you’ve opened the door, you’ve led spirits be curious about you and they might linger at your place without you even knowing. If this is a benevolent spirit why not, but what about a tormented soul ?

  • The spirit who will come to you are most of the time spirits from the lower astral realms.

Don’t think you will call Angels, spirit guides, or higher beings with the Ouija board. The spirit who will respond are those who are still in some astral planes close to your physical plane.

This plane is filled with malevolent, tormented, negative, spitful, lost souls. They are just still wandering, either stuck in their darkness or unable to elevate. The more a spirit keeps on developping the more he elevates himself in the upper and brighter realms, and vice versa.

I personnally don’t use the Ouija Board. If I need to interact with a spirit this is through dreams, astral projection, divination, or custom evocation rituals.

I strongly advise you to think twice before using the Ouija board and I really do hope that this article will make you become wiser on this topic. If you intend to work with deceased spirit focus on your Ancestors instead, it will be safer and way more fulfilling.


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