Working with Baron Samedi and Dantor

baron samedi and Dantor

Baron Samedi and Dantor are two of the most well known Lwas (spirits of vodou). Most of the information you will find online are inaccurate, and in any case you don’t learn vodou in books or on the internet.

It was 2 years ago, I was still living in Paris. I planned to sell my appartement and had started to put my place on the market. My expectation in terms of price was quite high, maybe too much which is standard coming from all sellers at the start of the process.

I barely had phone calls, and maybe just a couple of visits without success. My appartement needed some serious work and I knew it was a deal breaker for the very few clients who came.

I also knew that another condo sold for $40k less while being more modern and better equiped. No need to say that at this point I knew I wouldn’t sell it as the wished price.

Working with Baron Samedi and Dantor

Weeks passed without any success and I decided to do some ritual with Baron Samedi and Dantor. Unfortunately nothing really changed and another week passed by without tangible result. I kept faith and waited another week, still in vain.

Then I decided to go back to them and change a bit the tone of the discussion.

I told to Baron Samedi and Dantor that I was very disappointed by the lack of result inspite of my constant service to them. I had been regular and loyal in my service and couldn’t accept not getting any help. Therefore from now the thing was simple : either they would help me get a buyer to the price I was expecting, or I would just ‘put them on a diet’ with no more offerings but water.

Spirits do love offerings. It provides them with energy and pleasure, without even speaking about the pleasure to be offered something. Especially the Lwas. Some others spirits might not require fancy offerings to work with you (Archangels) but the Lwas ask to be served and pleased with material things.

If you love chocolate and I bring them to you and one day I tell you that from now if you’re not more friendly I won’t keep bringing some chocolate, it might entice you to make an effort 🙂

Likewise here.

I was firm yet courteous. Spirits do deserve respect.

After this discussion I kept on living my day without thinking anymore about the issue.

The very next day things started to act like crazy. My phone which has been totally silent began to constantly ring. Likewise I was receiving many emails from people wanting to visit my place.

In one week time frame I had more visits than the in the previous month. I knew this sudden rush of clientele was the result of the work being performed by both Baron Samedi and Dantor.

Amongst all those clients were the one who became the buyers of my condo. They tried to negociate but I remained firm (against all odds to sell it at the desired price) but eventually they agreed and I could sell it exactly at the price which was on my mind, and therefore $40k more than the other one which was better.

Interesting to note that from the moment I closed the deal with my buyers, and from one day to another, my phone stopped ringing and I got no other email from possible buyers.

No Magician get a 100% success rate as any other profession, and I am not an exception to the rule. But this was a nice exemple of success of spiritual work.

When a spiritual work doesn’t succeed, there might be many reasons :

  • Firstly, spirits – as us – have likes and dislikes. While some spirits will be pleased to assist you, some others just won’t be interested in you. Nothing you can really do about it.
  • A bad preparation in the ritual, a lack of knowledge about the spirits and/or ritual
  • You are trying to achieve some work with a spirit not part of your spiritual court, or trying to attune with a tradition which is not part of your spiritual path
  • The goal is unrealistic. Let’s say that your dream is to become a jet pilot but have very bad eyes, there’s really not much you will achieve with the aid of the spirits.
  • The goal is reachable but requires a lot of preparation and time. If we lack time it’s better not to start anything otherwise we will just hit a wall.

For all those reasons I’m always baffled to see how some Magicians proposing their service without doing any divination first, to evaluate the success ratio of the spiritual work and the possible blocages. This is dishonesty and lack of ethics.

In conclusion, with the aid of both Baron Samedi and Dantor I could not only sell my appartement quickly but at the price I desired. And this allowed me to keep on moving forward in my life.


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