Working with the Archangels

Working with the Archangels

I’ve been working with great success with the Archangels for years and have decided to share some of my insights on this topic. Working with the Archangels is nothing being really complicated.

At least this is not as complex as many people would like you to think it is.

If you start to join magical forums or groups or if you read some books on the topic you will find many ressources advocating certain amounts of rituals. Usually these rituals are long, have many requirements and can become quite daunting to the newcomer.

Truth is that none of those rituals are necessary if you want to be working with the Archangels. You don’t need to learn any pentagram or hexagram ritual, to translate your petition into “angelic tongue”, to get many tools (robe, items etc). None of those things are mandatory to be successful with those great spirits. You don’t need neither to be a Kabalist even if studying the Kabala won’t hurt. But by no mean you have to engage in such studies.

Working with the Archangels only requires a good heart.

What I’m mainly using when working with them is some light and water, and this is it. You can add the name of God ruling the corresponding Sephira related to the Archangel, but mainly you won’t need more than that.

What matters is to have a good heart. By good heart I mean living an honest and genuine life. Don’t expect the Archangels to be willing to work with you if you spend your time scamming or robbing others. The more you are a good person, making your best to live a positive and unselfish life the more they will be prone to respond to you. And then, you won’t need anything to call them and manifest in your life. No special powers, no knowledge about foreign tongues or long and tedious rituals.

Genuineness, keeping high standards, values, ethics, honesty, kindness is what matters the most. Do your best to show love, support and attention to others (friends, familly…), don’t be vengeful or filled with hatred and bitterness, and you will tune yourself with the energies of the Archangels.

Two precisions though :

  • The first is that being kind, genuine, sincere with others doesn’t mean that you have to become a doormat and let anyone roll over you. If someone represents a threat it is your right to use all the legal actions to defend yourself. Likewise if someone hurts you. And believe me, if someone does wrong things to you they will be present to defend you. So working with the Archangels doesn’t mean accepting everything from anyone. It just means not being the one starting the flame war, not taking advantage of others, not living in a selfish way.
  • The second precision is that you are not a Saint and the Archangels know it. As human beings, we make mistakes, we are not perfect and being perfect is not part of the human condition. As long as you are doing your best to live an honest life and are able to redeem when you’re doing mistakes, you will be fine.

Basically, as soon as you do your best to live a life where robbing, scamming, cheating, lying, taking advantage of others, hurting, being vengeful are foreign to you, the more those spirits will come to you.

It doesn’t mean to be a monk. You can have carnal desires such as willing to earn money, of having sexual intercourses. You can be spiritual and enjoy some pleasures of the flesh. It is not uncompatible.

The main point is to keep an healthy and positive attitude towards Life and people around you. Not answering to evilness by evilness, not making your life revolving around your selfish needs to the detriment of others. Making your best to be a good person and have genuine intentions.

Don’t expect the Archangel Haniel to help you have sexual intercourses with your boss’ wife. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a partner to love, Haniel will be more than happy to help you find such a person.

If you are looking for more income, the Archangel Tzadkiel will help you. He won’t if you’re engaging in dishonest businesses.

Michael will defend you against your ennemies. He won’t if you’ve been the one creating the fight or wish someone else’s harm.

These are just some few examples.

Another important mindset is to let go. To have faith in God and in what God’s plan for you is. The more you will put some situations in God’s hands, the more you are able to let go and show some genuine trust in him, the more things will fall into place. Doesn’t mean that those things will fit with what your desires were, but they will be what you need. What we wish in life is not always what is good for us. If we surrender to God and have faith no matter what, you will attune to the Archangels whose mission is to exectute God’s plan.

Some spiritual paths advocates that you are God and can do anything as you see fit. This is not how it works with the Archangels. You accept the idea to have a spark of God’s light inside you, but you don’t see you as God (or as a God). You are a servant of the Light and live your life the best you can to spread it all around you, making this world be a better place. And with such a mindset, it will show in your day to day life.

Achieving your best all of the above won’t make you need to perform any ritual. Your sincere heart, your sincere actions and attitudes will allow you to easily call the Archangels and have them come and manifest into your life, whether it is in your waking life or dreaming life (for instance, don’t be surprised if you start dreaming about you being a student in a shool or university, those dreams are not uncommon when you start working with the Archangels).

Working with the Archangels is an amazing experience. With them by your side, there is nothing you should be worried about. You will still have to face adversities and challenges, ennemies and obstacles, but they will be by your side. You will see that the more you are working with the Light, the more people will try to hurt you and more often than not for no reason. Don’t be side tracked by this, just keep on showing a positive mindset and a solid faith in God and his spirits.

People won’t tell you this. They will make you believe that you have to train and develop skills. The only ‘skill’ required is to build a good heart. Nothing else is needed to effectively be working with the Archangels. Just make your life be a reflection of the best version of you and they will respond to your call.



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